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  • Aqueous Series Vivify 01


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    The Back 2 Nature Aqueous Series VIVIFY is a consortium of beneficial bacteria equally effective for both fresh water & marine aquariums.

    • VIVIFY when used, almost instantly helps in detoxifying the harmful ammonia & nitrites by rapidly breaking them down into safe non-toxic form.
    • VIVIFY also rapidly helps in decomposing all organic & nitrogenous wastes like fish waste and leftover food.
    • VIVIFY helps in improving the digestive & immune systems, as well as the colour of fishes, shrimps, and other aquarium live forms.


    Use 1 capful (5mL) VIVIFY for each 10 litres (2.6 gallons) of new aquarium water.

    For subsequent dosing, use 1 capful for each 20 litres (5.2 gallons) of water changed.

    For optimum performance use double than recommended.

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