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  • Plus Series Algaeraze 01

    Plus Series Algaeraze

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    Plus Series Algaeraze

    Back 2 Nature ALGAERAZE is a box of wonder. It contains 10 Blades that fit into Back 2 Nature PRO and PRIME Series Glass Scrapers and clean the algae film on your aquarium glass. Unlike the other blades, ALGAERAZE is specially designed not to scratch or damage the glass surface of your aquarium when used with utmost care.*

    *For best results use ALGAERAZE with Back 2 Nature PRO and PRIME Series Glass Scrapers.

    • 1-pack of 10 Algae removing blades for aquariums
    • Removes slimy algae from aquarium glass with ease
    • Designed for not damaging or scratching aquarium glass when used with care
    • Helps to keep freshwater, marine aquariums algae free
    • Best recommened to use with Back 2 Nature Pro and Prime Series Glass Scrapers
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