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    Each capsule of Nutricaps contains 10 essential nutrients and feeds up to 3 months*. It is the best choice for your supplementing root feeders and stem plants under any growing conditions. The granules are coated with a unique resin that controls nutritional release—letting plants get what they need for optimum growth over prolonged period of time. The gelatin capsule cover is water soluble and does not hamper water parameters or the substrate conditions.

    * Varies for plant types, plant volume and water parameter.

    • 1-pack of 12 capsules for adding life to inert or old substrates
    • Promotes a healthy and strong root system
    • Benefits substrate feeding plants like cryptocorynes as well as echinodorous species
    • Enhances existing setups and does away with the hassles of rescaping
    • Contains balanced proportions of ten macro and micro nutrients for plants
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